Fabrics & Manufacture
Just as your body, lola studio does accompany you throughout the day. With innovative and modern styles, sustainably produced fabrics of highest quality, always with a lot of attention to detail. The materials of our yoga and fashion label are produced fair and sustainable, 100 % Made in Europe.
At lola studio we believe that a comfortable outfit is essential in yoga and other sports. We do not want to think about the outer shell whilst practicing Asanas or doing other activities. We want to fully concentrate on breathing, on our body and our movements – and thereby dedicate ourselves to ourselves. For us it is fundamental wearing clothing with a design being constructed to fit perfectly in order not to slip or compress and being easily taken on and off. The clothes have to be made of breathable fabrics letting your skin breathe at the same time.
Cooling down your skin during active Asanas and warming you up during corpse pose. lola studio stands for all those elements to become one in our product design, allowing you to let yourself go and feel good during practice.

All fabrics used for the lola studio yoga clothing collections are fair and sustainably produced. We use organic bio cotton, Lenzing Modal®,  recycled plastic and Lyocell. Therefore particularly well suited for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies.


Organic cotton guarantees an ecological cultivation of fibre. Neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used and the genetic modification of seeds is forbidden. Not only from an environmental perspective including social aspects, it’s significantly better off than regular cotton. Through the cultivation of crop rotation farming, farmers and their families can grow lentils or beans ensuring livelihood by producing their own income and being more self-dependent. Not only nature might be thankful, but as well the health of farmers and their families might improve without using toxic chemicals. Organic cotton is sensitive to skin, durable and very breathable.


Lenzing Modal® is manufactured from domestic beech wood and so it is 100% natural. Pulp and fibre production follow the principle of sustainability. Lenzing produces the pulp itself, whereby it has full control over the entire production process. This is unique in the fibre industry and makes Lenzing Modal® already CO2 neutral by now.

The basic principle of Botany - photosynthesis - is the basis of Lenzing Modal®. Lenzing fibres are extracted from plants converting carbon dioxide and water into wood and pure oxygen by using photosynthesis. Furthermore, the water management of the plants and the mechanisms of closed loop processes of sustainability play an important role in nature as well as they do for Lenzing. The botanic concept also focuses on the raw material beech to produce the unique Lenzing Modal®. Beech is also called the ‘mother of the forest’ because of its ability in improving soil quality. This tree is native in northern and central Europe and so it shapes several domestic landscapes. Beech forests are an important habitat for a variety of animals. A unique feature of beech is to propagate naturally and require no artificial irrigation. The latest botanic principle is the natural cycle. Lenzing fibre comes from nature and returns to nature - it is biodegradable. The beech wood fibre keeps its promises: soft quality, naturalness and environmental friendliness.


Tencel® of Lenzing Fibers, also known as Lyocell, is a natural material. The natural fibre is made of cellulose from fast growing tree species, including eucalyptus from sustainable plantations. Wherever possible, it is recycled or reused.

For us, the environmental aspect as well as the good wearing comfort and functionality are arguments enough using Tencel® to manufacture our clothes. Benefits such as a soft and cooling touch, high moisture transportation, a silk-like appearance and a nice feel convinced us.


The raw material for the polyester yarn is made of recycled plastic, like PET bottles. Luckily we can make an active contribution to sustainable textile production and support protecting the environment. The material from this yarn feels very soft and light. And in addition by its comfort and breathability, it satisfies the demands of high sports fashion and is increasingly used in the medical field.

This fabric is antibacterial and is ideal for allergic persons. Clothes made from this material absorb sweat and release it again.


All our fibres are dyed with gentle colourants.