Yoga Mat Binder stone

CHF 35.00

Für die Puristen unter allen Yogamattenträgern: Rasch um die Matte gebunden, mit etwas Zug an die Mattendicke angepasst, über die Schulter gehängt. Fertig ist das Tragekonstrukt und ab geht‘s in die Yogastunde.

Material: 100% Bio-Baumwolle
Masse: 140cm


Our articles come from a sustainable and fair production. We avoid long transport routes and work wherever possible with local producers. The production takes place under strict guidelines to 100% in Europe, predominantly in a small enterprise in Portugal. The fabrics are woven and processed there and all production processes take place at the same place. We visit the company several times a year because it is important to us to know the people who produce our clothes.