Weekend Flow
(EN) Lass die Woche hinter dir. Durch die Verbindung von Bewegung, Atmung und fliessenden Abläufen wirst du die Woche von dir gleiten lassen und dich aufs Wochenende einstimmen. Löse Verspannung, tanke Energie und komme in deine Kraft damit du luftig und frei ins Weekend fliessen kannst.

The participant is responsible for his/her own well-being during the course. Any physical discomfort must be reported to the course leader before the lesson. lola studio accepts no liability for accidents/injuries at all lola studio premises or during external events. Liability for consequential damages is excluded. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

The participant is fully liable for damages and losses of any kind, especially to valuables, as well as any property brought along. Damages to property in the lola studio premises will be repaired at the expense of the party who caused or caused them.