Organic & sustainable yoga label
lola studio stands for cosmopolitan and environmentally conscious people who like to move and relax.

At lola studio, we believe clothing should feel like a second skin. It should be free of chemicals and environmental pollution, and each style should be made by people who work under fair conditions. So, we have set our highest goal for design and produce garments in the most responsible way.

lola studio is also a yoga studio, situated in the bustling heart of Zurich, Switzerland, offering three daily yoga classes.

In our store in Zurich, we combine these two elements into a balanced whole. An oasis of relaxation for everyone who looks for time out from a busy lifestyle.

The combination of a fashion store and yoga / meditation studio blend harmoniously by way of an architectural concept exploring an innovative use of space.

lola studio is a collection for a holistic lifestyle - we dress you not only for your yoga or meditation, but for everything to, from and beyond your practice. Whether that includes travel or retreat, or simply takes you to your favourite hangout after your class, lola studio is designed to fit with you. Feminine, chic yet functional styles perform during active sessions, but can easily be layered to cocoon you outside of class, or for finding calm at home. Yoga and meditation bring us back to ourselves and to make a collection in the most responsible way was the obvious step for lola studio.

Welcome to the world of lola studio!